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Strong Conservatism For Smith County

The Smith County Texas Republican Party is striving to increase the unity of the Republican Party and doing what it takes to hold on to the America we have known. We support individuals who want to serve and are principled with conservative values, morals, and directives. Our efforts include vetting potential candidates and candidates, from local to national offices.


We are recruiting Republican Precinct Chairs and selecting trained, qualified, Election Judges. If you are interested in serving the party, please step forward.

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Smith County Republican Party

We are committed to advancing limited government, lower taxes, and individual liberty.

We are Focused on the 2022 and 2024 Election

The United States is a better place when Conservative Republicans are elected. Retaining our candidates in Washington and supporting conservative candidates at the local and state level is vital to everyone’s future.


Active participation is an essential part of the Republican Party's success. Volunteer for block walking, phone banking, putting up banners, planning community events, helping around HQ, or being an election poll worker today!


Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By putting up a yard sign or expressing public support you become a crucial part of our movement by empowering others to express their support for conservative principles as well!


Our work is never done, and backing it with your generosity enables us to host community events, support conservative candidates, and mobilize to back the causes of liberty and freedom!


Register, vote Republican and empower others to do the same!

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Voting is the backbone of our republic, and it is imperative that Republicans turn out en masse to support our ideals and protect our children's future!

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View the Republican candidates vying to represent East Texas in state and national offices.

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